Vision 2022

The Vision 2022 Team was commissioned to discern the Holy Spirit's calling for the future of Red Clay at our 300th birthday in 2022 and beyond.

As such, the team has gone through a number of different steps to lead to this point - including a leadership retreat and report from Bruce Reyes-Chow, a demographic analysis of our congregation and community, a study of the history of Red Clay, a congregational Vision retreat in June 2015, and a church survey and communication workshop in September. All of this has led to four key themes that are emerging from our work:

Impactful Re-Introduction to Our Neighborhood - We believe there are opportunities for Red Clay to further engage the surrounding neighborhoods, schools and organizations near our church. Our recent partnership with a new pre-school and the successful "Trunk or Treat" event are just two examples of how this is happening already. How can we further engage families in local neighborhoods? Are there opportunities to create mission opportunities within walking distance from the church? Can we make stronger connections with thestudents and families from our local schools?

Developing New Worshiping Communities - We are tremendously blessed with great pastors and a vibrant worshiping community. There are opportunities to build upon the blessings within our church and encourage the growth of new worshiping communities in our area (and beyond). The seeds of this work are already taking shape. Smaller congregations are using our online services to help provide pastoral support for their services. Nate is helping to lead an initiative at the Presbytery focused on recruiting recent seminary grads to start new worshiping communities in our area. John's new role has given us an opportunity to have a deeper connection to the congregation at Calvary. How can we best use the energy and spirit that is present at Red Clay to support these new communities and share the Gospel with those who may not attend one of our Sunday services?

Creating a Wellness Sanctuary for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse - Our pastors, deacons and Stephen ministers continue to see the tremendous challenges that mental health issues create for our congregation and our community. There is a need for greater resources to help guide and support those who are struggling with grief, depression, substance abuse and other issues. We believe there is an opportunity for our congregation to focus our talent and resources to address this need. How might we partner with other organizations in our community to enhance the mental health resources available to our neighbors? Do we have an opportunity to renovate, move or rebuild the Manse to make it into a Center for Wellness? What gifts do we have within the Red Clay community that can be further leveraged to meet these needs?

Establishing a Welcoming Campus - We have a beautiful campus and church facility. What do we need to do to continue to create a welcoming campus for our congregation and guests? Ideas that have been discussed include creating a playground for our children, developing a permanent outdoor worship space, and creating a community garden. We also want to better understand themaintenance needs for our campus that are necessary to ensure the comfort and accessibility for our guests - including potential upgrades to our parking, lighting, signage, and other needed investments