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Spring Nurture Groups are less than a month away!

Looking for a way to get closer to God and to one another at church? Nurture Groups are a great way to grow spiritually, explore your faith questions, and develop friendships with fellow Christians....Read More

Handout for "Predestination and Easter"

Click below to download the Handout for "Predestination and Easter"...Read More

God Working in Costa Rica

Along with about 40 Costa Ricans, we worshipped at the community church of Santo Tomas. We...Read More

Costa Rica 2014: Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, "hump day," and that is an appropiate description of our journey in Biol...Read More

First Day in Costa Rica

At 4:30 AM, that hour no one ever sees, we were already up and lugging our luggage down to O...Read More

Confession: Do Something That Doesn't Compute

“So, let’s talk about last week’s worship service!” Nate said. He a...Read More

Words for Lent Pic Challenge

Everyday, think on the day's word. Use it in prayer. Discover new meaning. And then......Read More

Order Your Easter Flowers

Easter flowers serve as a beautiful reminder that Easter is a time for rejoicing and celebrating. Order yours by March 30....Read More

Upcoming Basket Raffle for 5K for Mission

Maybe you aren’t going to be the one setting a record time for our 4th annual 5K for Mission…or maybe you are….either way, you can be a part of making this year’s event fun and successful! The 5K for Mission planning team is looking for Basket Coordinators and Baskets....Read More

Join Us for Appalachia Service Project 2014

Our 2014 Appalachian Service Project (ASP) Mission Trip is now being planned for adults ages 21 and up for October 5 - 11....Read More