A Window for Session & Deacons: The Rejoice Committee

“What are Session and all those committees doing?” and “How can I help with the work of the Church?” are frequently asked questions around Red Clay. A Window into the activities of Session and the Deacons, and their many activities and committees, will be a regular feature of Life at the Creek, appearing every several weeks and highlighting the mission and activities of Deacons or the various Session Committees. If you would like to learn more, participate in a committee or Deacon activity, or join a committee to help further its work, please contact the Committee Chair or a committee member to learn more.


The purpose of the REJOICE committee is to provide opportunities for the members of Red Clay to participate, together with the Pastors, in the presentation of all worship services.


REJOICE coordinates volunteers from the membership who wish to participate as ushers, greeters, liturgists, communion preparers, and communion servers.  The committee also oversees the candles and flowers (weekly, Advent, Easter) and the decorating of the Sanctuary for the Advent season.  The committee works closely with the Music Director and the audio/visual team.


To learn more about how you might participate in this ministry, please contact Marcia Kelly, mkkelfam@aol.com, or the office.  Volunteers are always needed.


Committee Members:

Lisa Nichols (liturgists and candles), Vicki Smith (flowers), Susan Kissell (greeters), Al Leonhard (audio/visual), Don Johnson (ushers), Peggy Germain (decorations), Jeffrey Miller ( Music Director), Marcia Kelly ( moderator)