A Window for Session and Deacons

The purpose of the NURTURE committee is to provide opportunities for members and visitors alike to strengthen their faith in Christ Jesus and get to know the joy of a personal relationship with God and one another.


NURTURE is responsible for providing for Christian education and relationship building opportunities for members and friends of all ages. We have an energetic and engaging Sunday School program designed to involve parent volunteers on a rotational basis as well as teachers and staff. Our programs for middle and high school youth provide multiple pathways toward an increased awareness of faith, God and opportunities to serve others. Adults are encouraged to expand their faith and grow in discipleship as they participate in Sunday adult forums, classes and various Bible Study groups. NURTURE encourages ways to grow spiritually, explore faith questions and develop relationships with fellow Christians by organizing Nurture Groups. Our library provides materials to support and enhance Red Clay’s ministries and help individuals to grow in their faith and Christian living. We also act as a gateway between our church family and the Scouts using our facility by encouraging and inviting participation in joint activities.


Watch for announcements in Life at the Creek and the weekly bulletin to see how you might become more involved in the life of your church!