A Window to the Personnel Committee

A Window for Session and Deacons:

The PERSONNEL Committee

What are Session and all those committees doing?” and “How can I help with the work of the Church?” are frequently asked questions around Red Clay. A Window into the activities of Session and the Deacons, and their many activities and committees, will be a regular feature of Life at the Creek, appearing every several weeks and highlighting the mission and activities of Deacons or the various Session Committees. If you would like to learn more, participate in a committee or Deacon activity, or join a committee to help further its work, please contact the Committee Chair or a committee member to learn more.


We are the RCCPC’s “human resources department,” supporting the pastors and lay staff as they help RCCPC pursue its mission. 

Personnel is composed of two current Elders from Session with one serving as moderator, 1-2 Elders who recently served on Session, and 2-3 church members at large.  A pastor is an ex-officio member - the committee may meet without the pastor present but always notifies the pastor.  Each committee member leads one or more of our key processes:

Policies and Procedures:     Donna Reilly

Compensation and Benefits:     Donna Reilly

Budgeting and Cost Outlooking:      Marc Legere and Dave Aument

Vacation and Time Management:     Ann Thomas

Performance Management (Job Descriptions, Goals, Appraisals, Training, Development):    Linda Morgan

Safety and Insurance:     Dave Aument and Suzanne Courter-Jann

Recognition:     Suzanne Courter-Jann

Hiring, Contracts, Onboarding, Exiting, Interviews, References:     Ann Thomas

Committee Moderator:      Dave Aument

Personnel meets once-a-month for about two hours.  Because we deal with confidential information, our meetings are not open to the public except by invitation.  We report to the Session.

Our committee needs some new blood!  Do you have HR or managerial experience and want to get involved?  Committee members should be involved in the life, worship and ministry of the church and should possess listening, communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and personnel skills, as well as being individuals with the ability to maintain confidentiality.