A Window to the Session & Deacons: Community Partners Committee

A Window for Session and Deacons:


What are Session and all those committees doing?” and “How can I help with the work of the Church?” are frequently asked questions around Red Clay. A Window into the activities of Session and the Deacons, and their many activities and committees, will be a regular feature of Life at the Creek, appearing every several weeks and highlighting the mission and activities of Deacons or the various Session Committees. If you would like to learn more, participate in a committee or Deacon activity, or join a committee to help further its work, please contact the Committee Chair or a committee member to learn more.


Community Partners, a new Session committee, works to coordinate the interaction between Red Clay and the larger groups that use Red Clay and its facilities on a regular basis to provide outside programs for the community.   The objective is to provide an optimal experience for Red Clay and each of our partners.   Our community partners provide an important outreach to our surrounding community that brings many people into our facilities.   Red Clay seeks to promote that outreach while also providing effective coordination between these partners, their clients or users, and the many other groups and members using Red Clay.


 Important Community Partners providing community outreach include Jazzercise, LifeSpan Child Development (preschool and daycare), and Alcoholics Anonymous.   Others promote adult nurturing activities such as Church Volleyball leagues, the Osher Life Long Learning Band, and Square Dancing.    Highlights include more than 25 preschool aged children and their families served through LifeSpan, more than 100 Alcoholics Anonymous participants meeting weekly through 3 different groups, the annual Osher Band Lifelong Learning concert, and in total more than $35,000 revenue for Red Clay annually to support our many other programs and activities.   And, while not an outside group, through our Nurture committee, Red Clay proudly sponsors the largest Scout troop in Delaware providing nearly 200 youth a Church home and support.


Red Clay is proud of its many partners and the rich diversity of use of its facilities. Reaching out to the community and providing a safe and welcoming home is a true calling for our Congregation.