A Word from Pastor Randy

Part of my job as Interim Pastor is to help prepare the congregation to be ready to seek its next settled pastor.  In the time I have been at Red Clay we have covered a lot of ground together, weathered some storms, and embraced some new opportunities.  The congregation recently finished a significant discernment process and that has resulted in fairly detailed ministry plans to operationalize some new ministry initiatives.   The completion of a visioning process was a necessary ingredient to being ready to seek the next pastor.   The Session is considering how to implement these plans.  Another important step toward the eventual calling of the next pastor is to complete the Mission Study.  The Team appointed to do that work completed the Mission Study Report, and that Report has been approved both by the Session and by Presbytery in January.  The next step in the process to seek a pastor is to form the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  The PNC will recruit applicants, interview, and evaluate candidates for the Pastor/Head of Staff position.  They will ultimately bring a recommendation to the congregation to call a specific person.  However, before the PNC can begin to do any of that, the congregation needs to elect persons to serve in that capacity. At the Annual Congregational Meeting on February 21 at 12 Noon, the Congregational Nominating Committee intends to make a motion to elect a specific slate of active members to serve on the PNC.  This means that it is critical that there be a quorum of active members present at the meeting so the election can take place and the next step toward the search and call of the settled pastor can begin.

 I hope you will plan to be present at the meeting – we welcome visitors and non-members but only persons on the active membership roll can speak and vote.  Because we are meeting electronically, we are asking that you register in advance by clicking HERE