A Word from Pastor Randy

According to John’s Gospel, there once were some Greeks, or non-Jewish people, who came to one of Jesus’ disciples and said, “We wish to see Jesus.” That disciple went and told another disciple and together they went to Jesus with that message.  Jesus, however, did not go find the Greeks, nor did he say to his disciples, “Send the Greeks in.” Instead, Jesus began to talk about his death and his resurrection.  John never tells us if the people who were wishing to see Jesus ever managed to be in the physical presence of the Savior, but in talking about the cross and resurrection I wonder if Jesus was trying to say that we do not really know Jesus unless we consider his willingness to die and God’s action to raise him from the dead. 

Had it not been for his crucifixion and his resurrection, Jesus would certainly have been a good man.  And certainly, the healings that he performed, the teachings he taught, and the love that he shared would have been remarkable in any time or place.  But he was more than a healer, more than a maker of exquisite wine, more than a provider of food, more than a teacher with wise advice.  He was the Savior, who in his willingness to surrender his life for the life of the world, offered life to us all.    As we move toward the end of the season of Lent it is an appropriate time to examine our lives and ponder how our lives show our gratitude for what God has done in Jesus Christ, and whether our response to Jesus is a fitting response given what God has given us.  If we find we fall short, the invitation is to be honest with God, confess the failing, trust in God’s forgiveness and try again.