A Word from the Pastor - October 24, 2019

Money is a difficult subject to talk about in our society.  But apparently Jesus thought it an important subject – I’m told that one in every six verses in Matthew, Mark and Luke relates directly or indirectly to money and sixteen of Jesus’ 44 parables deal with either the use or the misuse of money.  I’ve often said that how we spend our money is one of the clearest and most important statements we make about our deepest beliefs and so money is not just a matter of bills and budgets.  Rather, how we spend our money, what we give away and what we keep is a spiritual matter. 

 As we move into Generosity (Stewardship) season, I thought I’d offer you a few quotes on stewardship and money for your prayerful consideration:

 “It’s not a matter of how much of my money I will give to God, but how much of God’s money will I keep for myself.”  Author unknown

 “People go through three conversions: their head, their heart and their pocketbook. Unfortunately, not all at the same time.”  Martin Luther

“Giving is more than a responsibility—it is a privilege; more than an act of obedience—it is evidence of our faith.”   William Arthur Ward

I am hopeful and prayerful that each of us will prayerfully consider our giving to Red Clay and make a commitment to support the church financially in 2020.  It is my prayer this Generosity Season that our pledges will reflect our gratitude to God and be a proclamation of the welcome, grace and love which God has given to each of us.