A Word from the Pastor

Do you have your Canoe yet? I hope so. In fact, I hope that you not only have your copy of Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger, but that you are also reading it, thinking about it and reflecting on it.   Setting the stage for the book, Bolsinger says, “The culture is changing, the world is changing rapidly, and churches are facing change on an unprecedented scale. Churches and church leaders are becoming increasingly irrelevant, even marginalized. Shared corporate faith is viewed with cynicism at best, downright hostility at worst...But the church is also at an exciting crossroads. We are entering a new day, new terrain, and a new adventure...We are headed into unchartered territory and are given the charge to lead a mission where the future is nothing like the past.”

I’m looking forward to the three conversations we will have together about the concepts and ideas in Canoeing the Mountains and how they might connect with where we find ourselves now at Red Clay. Each of the three nights at 7 PM in Fellowship Hall we will focus on different parts of the book as follows:

                Sunday, July 21: Chapters 1 - 3

                Monday, July 22: Chapters 4 - 11

                Tuesday, July 23: Chapters 12 - 15

If you haven’t read the book you are still invited to join us!