A Word from the Pastor

Toward the end of Tod Bolsinger’s book, Canoeing the Mountains, he suggests that churches that want to thrive need to focus on their own transformation together, to focus on the mountains ahead rather than the rivers behind, and to focus on continually learning rather than focusing on what we have already mastered.  I think these are wise words!  God invites us to journey toward tomorrow.  As we focus on what lies ahead, seeking to be transformed by God’s love, and being open to new learnings, we journey along a path that is full of hope and joy.

As we continue to turn our eyes toward tomorrow, focusing on the mountains that are ahead of us, and learning new things, I hope that you will consider joining me in an exploration of some of the marks of vital and vibrant churches in 2019.    We’ll be meeting Sunday, July 28 and August 4 at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall.