Adult Forum

The Adult Forum has been a factor in adult education at Red Clay Creek Church for over thirty years! Its purpose has been, and is, to increase our faith by making us more knowledgeable about the people, places, and ideas that have built the structure we know as the Christian Church. As deacon, Bob Rufe, notes, "Our presentation topics address subjects I seldom hear discussed inside or outside the church, such as, apocalyptic eschatology, euthanasia, or syncretism." Not all of our topics are exotic, but the result is to lead to better knowledge and understanding.

The format and content of our classes has varied over those years. At one time we relied on speakers such as Dr. Claude Foster from West Chester University who taught about Martin Luther and Diedrich Bonhöffer. Other lectures dealt with the Six Popes Who Caused the Reformation. We have had psychologists and psychiatrists looking at mental health. Another time we learned of the origination and evolution of the English Bible and the scholarship that resulted in the King James Version.

In recent years we have relied on the educational programs of The Great Courses, listening to and watching outstanding lecturers from the academic world. With skeptics and believers alike we learned the ideas of the great theologians of the early and medieval church; heard the ideas that arose from the Enlightenment as the seventeenth and eighteenth century philosophers tried to use logic to understand Christianity; heard the thoughts of skeptics such as Feuerbach, Marx, and Freud followed by the twentieth century theologians return to basics.

Over the past ten years we have offered courses on the Old and New Testaments, Science and Religion, the history of Christianity up to the Reformation, and The Dead Sea Scrolls. We learned that the Essenes were definitely an orthodox Jewish sect, not an early group of Christians, as some thought. Many of these courses have taught us about the major religions of the world, the Lives of Great Christians, and the secular history of Israel, Judea, and Samaria. Do you know how many kings of Israel were named Herod?

Our most recent course, now winding down, concerns Death and Dying. This somewhat macabre subject included thoughts of both the ancient and modern philosophers on how to deal with these events, as well as practices and beliefs of the major religions and cultures of the world.

Our classes always allow time for discussion and expressions of how we as individuals fit into the lesson we have heard. Our next topic will be the History of Christianity from the Reformation forward. We invite you to join us Sundays at 9:35 AM in Room 201.