Attic Treasures, November 10-12

Gail Riblett,

Are you getting excited for Attic Treasures? Collections will start in less than a month, so here are the updates for this year:

1. Food---we're featuring meatball sandwiches on nice rolls.
2. Friday of the sale is Veteran's Day. All Veterans gets a flag and 10% off their order.
3. We want to promote inclusiveness. We are inviting the crafts group, the quilt group, any food donations for a baked goods table, and anyone who wants to set up a table to sell goods to do so. Ideally, they would be somehow affiliated with the church and maybe we would want them to donate something to RCCPC. We'll make space!
4. In case any group (maybe Boy Scouts or youth or whoever) would like to raise money, here's a couple of thoughts: you could gift-wrap stuff for a fee, and/or have a courier service (take their purchased loot to their cars) for a fee. You can use my wagons. Just throwing it out there. Any takers? Please contact Gail Riblett at

Looking forward to another successful Attic Treasures this year and REALLY looking forward to seeing you there!