Bread for the World

"It's better to build a fence at the top of a cliff than to have an ambulance at the bottom. And we were driving the ambulance all the time." - Rev. Art Simon, Bread for the World's founder and president emeritus

Today our church joins thousands of other churches across the United States in celebrating Bread for the World Sunday. In our worship, we lift up our prayers for those who struggle with hunger-and rededicate ourselves to efforts that help end hunger.

Bread for the World (BFW) is a collective Christian voice urging our nation's decisions makers to end hunger at home and abroad. Moved by God's grace in Jesus Christ, we advocate for a world without hunger. BFW was founded in 1974 and organized its first "Offering of Letters" in 1975. This is not a political organization. It advocates on behalf of the chronically hungry during both Democrat and Republican administrations.

Nations around the world, including the United States, have agreed to work for an end to hunger and related goals by 2030. And there is growing recognition among faith leaders, nongovernmental organizations, and business leaders that ending hunger and extreme poverty by 2030 is achievable. The United States government plays a key role in making this happen.

On Sunday, April 23rd we will be asking each of you to write a letter to one or more of your representatives in Congress. Through this 2017 Offering of Letters, we urge Congress to make funding decisions that put our country and the world on track to ending hunger by 2030.