Cell Phone Recycling

The 2011 Mission Trips are asking for your help with a different type of fundraiser. There are no products to buy and distribute. All we ask is that you donate any unwanted, working cell phones. Check with your family, friends or businesses that provide cell phones to employees and ask if there are unwanted cell phones they would like to donate. We do not need the chargers or accessories. There is no cost to the church to participate in this program, so 100% of the proceeds will benefit our 2011 Mission trips.

In order to receive payment for a phone we need to follow these guidelines as set by “PaceButler,” the company who refurbishes and recycles them:

  • Phones are fully functional, have an intact housing, and all functions of the phone must work as intended. This includes functional speakers, ringers, and software.
  • All manufactured parts must be intact and functional on the phone. e.g. antennas, buttons, LCD screens.
  • Service on the cell phone must be discontinued before donating.
  • Phones with small scratches or blemishes will be accepted for payment.
  • If your phone has a personal lock code, please remove the lock before sending in the phone.
  • If a phone cannot be tested then we are not paid for that phone.

Look for the marked boxes in the Narthex and Founders Hall. Our goal is to send off our first batch of phones on January 15. For more information contact Mim Krout at raymu1@verizon.net. Thanks for your support!