Costa Rica 2014: Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, "hump day," and that is an appropiate description of our journey in Biolley. Yesterday was filled with painting columns in the new lodge and varnishing wood planks which will be used for the interior walls. Beautiful Costa Rican wood. We are very much in a remote region of Costa Rica, but the community of Biollet is so strong and connected you don´t feel like you are that far away. Except for our local transportation by cattle truck.

We enjoyed another cattle truck ride today as we traveled to the nearby national park. We hiked in the ,ark with our guide Danella and her 7 month old daughter, Isabella. Danella is a member of the women´s coffee co-op that we are supporting this week. It is an amazing experience getting to know the women, especially Daniella who speaks some English.
The community is unified around small business enterprises, sustainable farming techniques, sustainable water supply, and preservation of the bordering national park.

As a group we are unified in supporting each other as we explore life in Biolley, serve the people of Biollet, explore our relationship with God, and responding to the call we each have experienced in a different way.

Tomorrow is another work day, and Thursday night is a community party at the lodge. More about that [later].


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