First Day in Costa Rica

At 4:30 AM, that hour no one ever sees, we were already up and lugging our luggage down to Oscar's bus. By 5:00, we were on the road, en route to Biolley.

For the next two hours we all tried to nap, although most our heads were bobbing from the bumpy roads, not from actual sleep.

The real adventure, however, started when we left Oscar's bus for the cattle truck.

Before we could all herd on, we first had to load the chairs, tables, and luggage from the bus. Once everything was securely packed, we sat off; a ten mile strip of rocky road ahead of us.

Hanging out the front, desperately hoping I didn't drop the camera (but, of course, not restraining from waving it recklessly out the bars), I wasn't entirely sure what to expect down the road. And, I'm glad. I had no expectations, and I think that's why everything surrounding me seemed so amazing. The landscapes and the cliffs were breathtaking, but just as much so was the local architecture. Each community we passed built itself into the enviroment, using everything and wasting nothing.

After the 45 minute ride, we arrived. We learned about the co-op and had a tour of the coffee making process.

When I went to get situated where I'll be sleeping, I had one last surprise. Behind the cabin I'm staying in, I looked up and started imagining how clear and amazing the night sky will look. I was so excited, I started looking for the perfect place to star gaze. In my haste, I may have been a little too antsy to stargaze because I forgot to look where I was exploring and sat right in an ant hill. And yes, I got actual ants in my pants. It was just a small reminder to not get too ahead of myself while I'm here, to look at everything, to experience the moments here without expectations, and, of course to avoid those ant hills.


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