Opportunity to Serve

We are in need of an usher captain and ushers. The captain and ushers play an integral role in our church services by making everyone feel welcome, providing guidance, and facilitating our services. Would you please consider serving our church as a captain or usher? 

What do ushers do?

The ushers greet people, hand out bulletins, answer questions, collect the offering and make sure things are in order after the service. The captains line up ushers when their team is scheduled to usher, serve with the ushers and have a few additional duties before and after the service.

Our strongest need is for a captain. We have 4 teams of ushers and should have 2 captains per team, however we are currently short three captains. Captains serve on a rotating schedule, serving only once every 8 weeks when we have 8 captains. As for ushers, there is always an ongoing need. 

Interested in serving or want more information? Contact member Don Johnson at (302) 842-2889 or email at: Johnsondonaldr11@comcast.net.