Work and Play in Costa Rica


Today [Tuesday] we had a chance to play with the local school children! In the morning we continued fixing the desks and painting the walls of the church, but by afternoon we had close to 50 kids playing games and making crafts with us. We began with a game that Nancy thought of involving a parachute and some soccer balls, the kids loved it. Meanwhile, Lillian and Norm took photos of the children for a picture frame craft we are planning on doing tomorrow. Zoe had a great time blowing up balloons for the kids that the McNamaras shaped into swords, dogs, and hearts. The kids were running wild having sword fights, Mrs. Aument even got in on the sword fighting action with one little boy. Then we moved onto paper airplanes which some turned into hats, boats, and "cootie catchers". We finished the day with water col or paints, cards, and decorating foam visors. The kids really seemed to enjoy the afternoon, I know that we all did!

Luke, Norm, Mr. and Mrs. Livingston, and Mr. Aument also finished painting the exterior of the building in the afternoon. Before they finished, our bus driver, Oscar, kindly pointed out any flaws in the paint job of the church. He made sure they were fixed before they ended the days work. After a long days work we were tired, but well nourished from the delicious food that we had gotten. Our options for lunch consisted of gallo pinto (traditional rice and beans) with the choice of a protein- pescado, pollo, or cerdo (fish, chicken, or pork), with the exception of me- sorry, Im a vegetarian! So I had huevos with my gallo pinto, and it was delicious!

We'll keep you updated!

Adios Amigos!





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