The Red Clay Creek Church Cemetery is located next to the church along McKennans Church Road. The cemetery has existed since before the American Revolution with its earliest known gravestone dating back to 1766.  Many of the graves are now cataloged and searchable at FindaGrave.com.

The cemetery is administered and maintained by the Cemetery Company, which was incorporated in 1865. Since its original incorporation the cemetery has added land through purchases or gifts on five occasions. The cemetery now comprises approximately 12 acres. In 1920, by-laws were written and officers elected so that a fund for perpetual care of the grounds could be established.  A new area, pictured on the right, was constructed in 2006 for the burial of cremated remains.


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Church members interested in the purchase of lots should review the documentation provided on the right and/or contact the church office.

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We salute all of our veterans. Those listed here were interred in either our cemetery or memory garden. On Memorial Day we mark the graves of each veteran with an American flag. If you have additional information and/or corrections, please contact Kove Hudson or the church office.

American Revolution

James Brindley
John Crossan
Abraham Groff
Samuel Huston
Samuel Lindsay

David McCallmont
George McCullough
William C. McKennan
Beata Miller
Samuel Montgomery

William Robeson (or Robinson)
James Walker
Charles Williams

War of 1812

James Huston

William Montgomery

Civil War

George Allcorn
Richard Brindley
William H. Worth
William T. George

William Henry Glatts
W. H. Hamilton
Lewis P. Klatts

Jehu Pyle
James T. Richardson
Edmond C. Wilson

World War I

Willard H. Bonsall
Raymond Clinton Breighner
William J. Copes
Walter Homer Guest
Harold A. Hackman
Ernest Glanding Hollingsworth
Henry Kendall

Harold William Lambert, Sr.
Bertha Hamilton Lamborn
Harry Chandler Lamborn
Harvey H. Lamborn
Harry C. Little
Charles William McDonald
George J. McVey

Isaiah B. Megonical
Frank S. Miller
Earl Tull Picken, Sr.
William G. Sabine
Charles L. Shoop
Charles W. Skinner
Lillian G. Trimble

World War II

John M. B. Adair
Clarence R. Aiken
Edgar H. Allison
Walter J. Angulo
Alwin F. Archer
James Martin Ashby
William D. Bartels
Arthur J. Bolz
Harry E. Bossert
Stirling M. Brinkman
Charles E. Carey
W. Gordon Clark
Paul A. Cochran
G. Rolland Cole
William G. Copes
William J. Copes
James F. Corrigan, Jr.
Lawrence F. Cota
David P. Crouse
E. Roderick Cunningham
Linwood W. Davis
Thomas M. Davis
Frank G. Dennison, Jr.
Francis X. Dorsey
Andrew J. Down
Paul J. Elam, Jr.
Thomas William Elliott
William Taylor Ferrell
Robert E. Foxx
Edward Thompson Fulton
John C. Gano

John H. Glancey, Jr.
Frederick Gorski
William Green
J. Morton Gregg
Walter H. Guest
George K. Harris, Jr.
William Heckman, Sr.
Donald R. Hicks
Harlan E. Highfield
Harold Walter Highfield
George A. Houchin
Francis W. Jester
Thomas E. Jones, Jr.
Peter Karwowski
Ralph Klair
William F. Klair
Alexander Laird, Jr.
Harold William Lambert, Jr.
Harold William Lambert, Sr.
Harvey C. Lamborn
Clarence Norman Magargal
Thomas W. Marshall
Charles P. McDonald
Hugh J. McGinnis
Frank S. Miller
Joseph B. Morris
Paul E. Mullins
G. Donald Munger
William H. Narvel
Warner Woodward Naudain
C. Kenneth Newcombe
Scott V. Norris

Francis W. Patridge
Raymond E. Pearson
Ralph Edwin Plankinton
Richard H. Pollock
William Nelson Potter
Wilson Powell
George T. Press
George Pyle
Nicholas Saroukos
Marcus Robert Schumacher
Christian F. Senft
William Marvin Shane
Robert B. Shipley
Charles L. Shoop
Raymond W. Smith, Jr.
Howard Sowden
Carl C. Springer
Edwin Dilworth Stayton
Einar Stoutland
John J. Stucker
Frederick H. Taylor
Leonard E. Timmons
Virginia Timmons
John V. Townsend
John A. Trimble
William H. Uffelman
Joe J. Welker Jr.
Hein A. Weyhenmeyer
Robert E. Wilhelm
David M. Yearsley
John Ferris Yearsley


George Black
Keith J. Bremer
Wayne W. Ford
William Green

Everett H. Guest
George Richard Hunter
Paul Janocha
George Pyle
Howard M. Smith

Raymond W. Smith, Jr.
Laurence Townsend
Charles A. Tielleman


David Morgan Arnold
Robert Edward Davidson

Robin Allen Delaha
Cortland H. Newcomb

G. Jay Quillen
John A. Saienni


Memory Garden

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