Food Bank of Delaware

Coordinator: Lois Galinat

The Food Bank of Delaware, a member of Feeding America, formerly America's Second Harvest - The Nation's Food Bank Network, is a statewide nonprofit agency whose mission is a community free of hunger. Originally founded in 1981 as the Food Conservers, Inc., the Food Bank of Delaware has provided food assistance to Delawareans at risk of hunger for more than 25 years.

Annually, the Food Bank distributes between 7 and 10 million pounds of food from all sectors of the food industry including fresh produce, meats, beverages, snacks and more. Through a network of more than 350 member agencies and feeding programs, the Food Bank distributes food to approximately 90,000 hungry people in our community.

Red Clay sponsors day and evening opportunities for our members to help distribute the food to the hungry. Red Clay’s Vacation Bible School collects paper products for the Food Bank.


Personal Testimony

Contributed by Susan Downes

“One cereal, one fruit, two vegetables, two meats, two pastas, two tomatoes, and one snack. While this list may sound like the menu for the latest diet fad, it is actually the contents of a box of food to feed a family of four for three days. For a small group of volunteers from RCCPC, it was our mission to assemble 200 of these 'emergency boxes' for the Food Bank of Delaware on a Wednesday afternoon. Our group was largely new to the Food Bank, but we caught on quickly, assembling, filling, and stacking boxes full of food for needy families. We were prepared to spend three hours at our task, but were disappointed to run out of pasta and fruit, allowing us to fill only 140 emergency boxes.

I found this to be a great hands-on experience--meeting other dedicated members of our congregation, helping to fill a need in the community, and witnessing first hand the tremendous and consistent need for food donations.”

Personal Testimony

Contributed by Debbie Ward


  • builds muscles
  • rich in vitamin C
  • comes in ALL kinds of sizes and packaging

The last description fits our experience at the last food bank to a T! I never knew that this green veggie came in small, medium, large and super-sized packaging….not to mention plastic or box and FROZEN. Our assignment was to sort out the “good” and the “bad” from huge boxes into more huge boxes making sure no box or package had any exposed spinach. Watching the teamwork as one of us would climb the step ladder practically falling into the “box” to retrieve the spinach was definitely a KODAK moment! We finished our assignment having little or no feeling left in our fingers but felt very proud of our accomplishment.

However, little did we know our task was not completed. Next on the agenda was to take the “good” spinach we had just sorted and sort it again. Sound interesting and fun? Well, indeed, it was a GREAT experience. I have only recently been volunteering at the Food Bank and would highly recommend it. The friendship is terrific, but more importantly, it’s the feeling deep inside that you leave with that will make you want to return.