Giving at Red Clay


It Matters!

 At Red Clay, autumn is the season when we start to plan for the next year, and we consider our commitments to the church.  And every year the Generosity Team seeks to encourage your participation, with messages on all the wonderful missions we support around the world, and the variety of programs taking place under our roof.  We know that everyone has their own reason for attending Red Clay, their own expectations and personal situation.   Many factors go into your decision to pledge, and the level of your pledge.  This year there may be an additional issue complicating the process:  we are in a transition, and our staffing and programs may feel less settled than they have been before.  There may be a hesitation to commit until everything becomes more stable, until the direction we’re heading seems clearer. 


And yet, at the heart, all the changes haven't changed anything, our mission has never been so clear.  There are still hungry people, struggling people, people looking for hope, in our community and beyond.  And we Reach out to them, through the Food Bank, Friendship House, Urban Promise, Missions to Maine and Appalachia, and more.  There are still children needing Christian Education, and adults in need of Christ’s message.  And we Nurture them, with Sunday School, VBS, Adult Education, Stephen Ministry and more.  More than ever we need opportunities to celebrate, to give thanks, to share in the Good News.  And we Rejoice together, through worship services, choirs, baptism, confirmation, and more.  We need a base, a starting point for all we do.  And so we Belong, we welcome friends and new members in our church home, for work and for play, over coffee, brunch, picnics,  games, and more. 


When you pledge, when we can count on your support, we can commit to funding the programs and missions that matter to us all.  Every new pledge, every increased pledge, every new volunteer stepping up to help out enables our Reach, Nurture, Rejoice, and Belong to go  further.  Far enough to change a life.  Give from the heart, give in His name, give because it matters.


It’s not time to take a break

It’s not time to sit on the sidelines and see how things work out

Be part of the transition

Go with it

Have fun with it

This year matters

Next year matters

Your commitment – It Matters!


Thank you,

The Generosity Team

Dakota Crowley, Dallas Crowley, Michele Davis, Jeremy Reichman, John Kratunis, John Schubel, Sandra Schubel and Curt Tompkins 

Online Giving

Arrange electronic payments for one time donations and/or recurring payments towards a pledge.


pdf-icon Annual Commitment of Giving Card

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Legacy Giving

Long term giving through options such as estate planning.