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Each Fall we talk about stewardship and its relationship to generosity. We talk about generosity as a lifestyle, generosity in our relationships, and generosity with our finances. Our generosity should be based on the generosity that God has shown to us. God has given us a mission and has challenged us to commit our hearts to faith to share the love of Jesus Christ with our community, nation and world.

As the Elders create our operating budget each year, we base it on the financial giving of our previous year, as well as the estimate of giving cards we receive. While the leaders of RCCPC want to be good stewards of the resources you entrust to us, we invite you to think about how you will financially support the mission and ministry of RCCPC. We encourage you/your family to spend some time thinking about the ways that Red Clay has helped shape your spiritual life.

God has blessed the outreach of RCCPC since out church was founded almost 300 years ago. We are grateful for the numerous opportunities God continues to place in front of us to reach our community and world with the hopeful news of Jesus Christ. As we continue to live out our story, we pray and hope you will join us as we serve the Lord throughout the year.

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Giving Card

On this card you will find different ways you may support the mission and ministry of Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church. Our goal is that each attendee or family will out one of these cards annually. It is not just a card about financial commitment. There is also an opportunity to pray for our church and our outreach. One of things we are hopeful you will do is spend time reflecting on your own patterns of stewardship and how God is calling you to give this year.



Giving Update

This is a quick update on the pledge drive for 2018 from the Generosity Team. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has already pledged, with a special "thank you!" to the nearly 30 people who have pledged for the first time. We appreciate your commitment to Red Clay. Through the first week of December, we are down a few percent compared with where we were at the same point last year.

We would especially like to remind everyone that the pledging season continues right through December and into January. You may not be hearing about it as much during the Christmas Season services, but pledges are still needed, and pledge cards are still available (just ask an usher). During last year's pledge drive, over $100,000 was pledged after the first of December, and that level of commitment is still needed for 2018. So to those of you who are still on the fence, still trying to decide, we want to remind you one more time: everything you do, whatever you can do, it matters. Belong, Nurture, Reach and Rejoice are all doing wonderful work, with opportunities for worship, for mission, for education, and for fun. We need your support to keep it all going. We're grateful that you are here, and thankful for all you contribute to our church community. If you haven't done so already, please take one more step. Make the commitment, make a pledge, and let's keep the amazing work of Red Clay Presbyterian going and growing in 2018.

The Generosity Team (12/14/17)


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Stories and Resources



Legacy Giving

Red Clay provides members and friends with an opportunity to invest in a lasting legacy by contribution to professionally managed accounts which fund extended mission work, benevolences, and special projects that will ensure Christ’s work continues through RCCPC and beyond.


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Other Giving Options



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Planned Giving Including
Wills, Trusts, and Estates

RCCPC Legacy Giving

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Giving Through Serving

Red Clay’s vision of Reach, Nurture, Rejoice and Belong are more than doing mission work or service projects—it is about the people of God bringing the Kingdom of God to bear in all that we are and do. Acts of service are a tangible way to love out our faith in the church, in the community, and in the world.

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Serving RCCPC with
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