Giving at Red Clay


Why do people give?

Thru generosity is the “I want to” kind of generosity. This is the kind of giving we hope to cultivate here at Red Clay. When we realize all the God has given to us, when we “count our blessings”, when we remember that God sent his only Son to show us how we were created to live and to save us from sin and death through his death and resurrection then we naturally, joyfully want to give.

This year, instead of urging people to give to a budget, we urge you to give to God. Instead of limiting giving to a finite budget, we let the congregation tell the church what the budget will be. Instead of asking for pledges, this year the Generosity Team, with the Finance Committee, ask you to estimate your giving and emphasize that if your family income changes either up or down during the year, you can adjust your giving accordingly.

Stewardship is an appreciation of God’s gift to us and the sharing of all of the gifts with God and others. We love and give because God in Christ first loved and gave to us (I John 4:19).

Online Giving

Arrange electronic payments for one time donations and/or recurring payments towards a pledge.


pdf-icon Annual Commitment of Giving Card

Legacy Giving

Long term giving through options such as estate planning.