Lakeview Agape Mission Project

Multi-Generation Mission Opportunity

This summer we have an amazing mission Trip
to New Orleans!

Here's the scoop...

When: June 16th to 23rd

Where: New Orleans, hosted by Lakeview Agape Mission Project (LAMP) where Kristen Reisor works!

Who: Multi generational group of 7 to 25 people

  • Participants must be 14 years of age or older
  • Requires at least 1 adult (age 25+) for every four youth under 18 

What will we do: Each day the group will explore a different form of mission work in the City of New Orleans.

Accommodations: The group will stay at Lakeview Presbyterian Church in air conditioned rooms. LAMP will provide cots, sleeping bags, and most meals.

Costs: RCCPC will cover costs of LAMP fees and transportation in New Orleans. Participants will need to pay for airfare (estimated at $500).

Interested? For more information and registration materials please email Linda Reisor at



kristen_200pxJoin Red Clay's own Kristen Reisor, LAMP's current Mission Coordinator.