Memory Garden

The concept of a memory garden arose in 1986, after several Red Clay families suffered the loss of a loved one and sought an alternative to traditional burial. On May 13, 1990, Red Clay dedicated the Memory Garden as a place where members could honor their loved ones. By its 20th Anniversary in 2010, over 100 loved ones had been interred or memorialized within the peaceful surroundings of the Memory Garden.


The purpose of the Memory Garden is to provide Red Clay members and their immediate families:

  • A place of beauty for all to enjoy, through quiet relaxation, meditation, and peaceful reflection on loved ones.
  • A suitable location on church grounds for the placement of cremated remains or for a memorial service for loved ones.
  • A raised plaque on which to display the loved one’s name, as well as the birth and death dates (interred) or years (memorialized), on an individual plate.


Upon the death of a member’s loved one, a Red Clay Pastor will notify the Memory Garden Chair.  The Chair will contact the family, order the memorial plate, and make the appropriate arrangements for the placement of any remains.  Once Red Clay approves a member’s request for the interment of a loved one or for a remembrance ceremony, one of the Pastors will assist the member in making memorial service plans. Ashes may be scattered in various locations including the garden and others at the discretion of the pastor and/or the family. Crematory urns or permanent vessels of any type shall not be interred in the Garden.

Memory Garden Committee (2018)

Jennie Lee Banco, Chair
Sue Conway, Secretary/Treasurer
Tracy Gioffre
Pam Droke
Margie Schuyler

Committee members commit to a 3-year term, assist with weeding and leaf clean-up twice a year, and perform routine maintenance for 2 weeks in summer.




pdf-icon Memory Garden Application
pdf-icon Memory Garden Costs
pdf-icon Memory Garden Rules


Please contact the church office or one of the committee members if you have additional questions or would like to join this committee.




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