Nurture Groups

Sermon-Focused Small Group Ministry

Church has been around for a long, long time, and sometimes our traditions outdate us—like the unspoken tradition that we show up on Sunday, hear a nice sermon, take it all in and (poof!) are changed people. But we know better…

At Red Clay, we hope Sunday morning worship is a time to learn, to listen, to anchor your roots, and to get you ready for the questions, joys and sorrows of the week ahead. Join a Nurture Group to talk about that week’s sermon or to ponder with others over new realizations, uncertainties, reactions and questions that came to mind on Sunday morning or during the week.

Your voice matters. So, speak up! Join a group to cultivate your growing mind.

  • Winter 2017 - TBA

  • Sign-Ups in Founders Hall - TBA



Nurture Group Homework