Nurture Groups

Sermon-Focused Small Group Ministry

Nurture groups help develop relationships among us in this congregation and help us to grow in our faith.  This small group ministry, which has been an important part in Red Clay's life in the past,  gives people an opportunity to talk about scripture in a comfortable setting.  Ideally each group has about 10 people, with a facilitator who kicks off the discussion and keeps it flowing.  The groups will discuss the passage of scripture that will be used for the sermon in worship the following Sunday.  The Facilitator does not need to be a Bible expert and materials will be provided to Facilitators to help them lead the conversation.  Each group has a Host who takes cares of meeting location, refreshments/snacks or in some cases a meal.    The group meets once a week for a specific period of time.


So please join us in our next Nurture Group Series.

Interested in being a facilitator or host? Contact Kelley Norton at 



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