South Africa

Look forward to our next trip, tentatively scheduled for 2017!

We will focus our work on continued stocking of our three reading rooms (built in 2013), building an additional room, and holding a spiritual retreat with the South African leadership team.

Our first partnership trip to South Africa took place March 11-20, 2011.  We visited the orphans at Seki Women's Foundation, worshiped with J. Y. Hliso Memorial Church, and met with Dr. Norma at the HIV/ AIDS Hope Clinic in the Hogsback mountains.  The church blog has a detailed account of our adventure!  Here is a short video of how our friend Max (from "Where the Wild Things Are") experienced South Africa.

In early October 2010, we welcomed South Africans Unathi Mlisa and Elethu Gantsho to Red Clay. They were part of our community for two weeks and we offered many opportunities, from worship leadership, to a children’s tea party, to cultural experiences, for members and friends to build relationships with them. 


Elethu Gantsho


Unathi Mlisa


Unathi Mlisa hands out school supplies and Christmas presents to orphans in South Africa. These gifts were purchased through a generous gift from RCCPC. Elethu Gantsho provides the soundtrack.