Children's Sunday School

We welcome your children to Red Clay!


Children and youth are invited to join us in Fellowship Hall at 9:00 AM for Sunday School.  Pastor Eric and volunteers will help lead activities and class for anyone Pre-K to High School Seniors, and parents are welcome (but not required) to join us.  We will begin with an all age group gathering and opening; consisting of prayer, a bible story, and other large group activities.  We will then divide by ages to complete age specific activities, discussions, and games.  Children and youth can be picked up for worship at 9:50 AM.

We are grateful that we can provide childcare for children up to two years old in our nursery (Room 305). The nursery is open during Sunday School and Worship. 

Confirmation Class meets on Sundays at 6:30 pm via Zoom.  if interested please contact Pastor Eric.

We have Sunday School for Adults as well as other Christian Education opportunities. Visit our small group page for more information. 

It is our prayer that, through our ministry, your children will learn to live creatively, joyously and harmoniously with Christ who is, who was, and who will forever be!  We hope that your children will come to know the joy and suffering of being concerned about everyone they meet; that they will see each person worthy of dignity and acceptance. We hope for them a growth into fuller and deeper levels of humanity as expressed through Jesus.

At Red Clay, we endeavor to cultivate a ministry that joins God in nurturing children that they will understand that God alone can give life meaning and purpose and direction; and that throughout their journey of faith they will be on their knees before God with words of thanksgiving; and on their feet for God with deeds of love.

While it is not required, parents are encouraged to join in educating our children and youth by sharing their faith and volunteering in our Sunday School program.






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Red Clay's Covenant with Children and Youth