Children's Sunday School

We welcome your children to Red Clay!

It is our prayer that, through our ministry, your children will learn to live creatively, joyously and harmoniously with Christ who is, who was, and who will forever be!  We hope that your children will come to know the joy and suffering of being concerned about everyone they meet; that they will see each person worthy of dignity and acceptance. We hope for them a growth into fuller and deeper levels of humanity as expressed through Jesus.

At Red Clay, we endeavor to cultivate a ministry that joins God in nurturing children that they will understand that God alone can give life meaning and purpose and direction; and that throughout their journey of faith they will be on their knees before God with words of thanksgiving; and on their feet for God with deeds of love.

Sunday school is offered during our 10:30 AM service. Children under the age of 4 are welcome in our child care room. Children Pre-K through 7th grade will start their morning in the sanctuary and go to their classrooms following a Children’s Moment early in the service. Children must be signed out in their classrooms by an adult following the end of the service.

While it is not required, parents are encouraged to join in educating our children and youth by sharing their faith and volunteering in our Sunday School program.






Children-Youth Registration 2019-2020

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Red Clay's Covenant with Children and Youth