Series: Soul Food

Soul Food: Wires Crossed

September 10, 2023 | The Rev. Dr. Nathaniel D. Phillips
Passage: Genesis 2:4-7

Series Information

In the 1980's there was a well-known commercial for V8 Fruit and Vegetable drinks. The characters in the commercials all walked around on a 45-degree angle. The idea was that if they only had time for their fruits and vegetables, they would "keep their diet straight".  At the end of the commercial, the actor would drink a V8 and be walking upright again. Like our bodies, our souls need intentional "fueling" too. We hope that this fall series will be a spiritual V8 for the soul. we will ask questions like, "What is the soul?" "Where did it come from?" "What will nourish it these days?"  We will also offer nutrient-rich disciplines that you can come back to over the course of your life to "keep your spiritual diet straight."  Join us this fall for "Soul Food"! 

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